PrimeData is a leading Customer Data Platform company that helps businesses unlock the full potential of their customer data. Our platform allows companies to unify and activate their customer data to drive growth, improve customer experience, and increase customer lifetime value.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design and develop ETL pipelines with external services, including client wrappers.
  • Participate in designing and implementing foundational layers, including data models, workflow, and storage systems.
  • Perform DataOps, including data correction and schema evolution migration.
  • Leading the integration team. Coordinating with other teams.
  • Design and implement foundational components of the data/integration platform.

Job requirements:

  • Strong understanding in Python and Java.
  • Well-grasped understanding of a fundamental data stack, including ETL pipelines, workflow orchestrators, and data transformation.
  • Adept in Git, Kubernetes and *NIX.
  • A good writer and personal information manager. You will be the subject matter expert at a variety of external integrated services. Adaptability and a strong sense of quality communication and documentation will be a considerable edge.
  • Have an appreciation of sound and evolvable data schema design. In other words, have a great sense of spotting schema design smells.

Special Benefits:

  • Chance to become an expert in the new trendy domain: AI-driven personalized marketing, personalized customer experience, data analytics, and platform.
  • Modern tech & innovative environment.