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Roles & Responsibilities

You will be on an intensive on-the-job training on how to build data products that solve problems.

First start with learning:

  • Deeply understand how a SaaS CDP provide values to client yourself by providing technical support or and data-oriented solution for CSM team members/clients
  • Understand the market landscape by: 
  • Conducting research on the latest data, analytics, ML, and visualization trends.
  • Tracking innovations in data management, data quality, data governance, data privacy, and related domains
  • Learn all the fundamental concept of Product Management in real world.

From that, you will:

  • Gaining deep insights into key business goals, challenges, metrics, and priorities
  • Understanding how data products and analytics can help drive impact 

Finally, bring your ideas to the world:

  • Surfacing new requirements based on user stories, questions, and problems encountered
  • Presenting case studies, examples and prototypes based on actual user stories and support experiences to bring opportunity ideas to life
  • Validating potential product concepts by discussing how they could have solved real issues encountered. Refining concepts based on feedback
  • Working with cross-funcational team to ship your solution

Job requirements:

  • Strong understanding of technical concept of data software
  • Good critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving & creative mindset
  • Passion in technology and have a strong desire to make great impact via product/solution
  • Experience in data/product analytics is preferred
  • Experience working with user experience or product design function is preferred

Special Benefits:

  • Work directly with industry experts and market leaders in DX, CX, digital-data-tech as well as named customers.
  • Being a part of the awesome team building PrimeData CDP – the pioneering science-first customer data & experience platform.
  • Flexible, open, and innovative environment.


Please send us your English CV via email: career@primedata.ai

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Về PrimeData

PrimeData is the leading consulting-platform-service company specializing in digital transformation (DX), customer experience (CX), personalized marketing and data science (DS) with our own PrimeData CDP – the pioneering science-first customer data & experience platform. 

PrimeData helps Vietnam and global businesses in omni-channel retail, e-commerce, D2C brands such as fashion, beauty, food, F&B, hospitality, real estate and multi-business groups to build the foundation of digital growth-retention and loyalty.


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