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PrimeData is a leading Customer Data Platform company that helps businesses unlock the full potential of their customer data. Our platform allows companies to unify and activate their customer data to drive growth, improve customer experience, and increase customer lifetime value.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assist customers in implementing Primedata’s API/SDK into their web, mobile, and server applications, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing the value derived from Primedata’s end tool and data integrations.
  • Design and develop a robust data structure that facilitates the smooth flow of data into client’s CDP deployment.
  • Enhance support tooling by creating simulators and visualizations to improve troubleshooting and issue resolution processes.
  • Collaborate closely with the product team to enhance customer success across the entire Primedata platform.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of the Primedata platform, its libraries, and integrations, becoming an expert in their functionality, and actively contribute to their improvement.

Job requirements:

  • Prior experience working with sophisticated clients in a technical capacity, preferably with enterprise software in a related industry.
  • Strong eagerness to acquire a deep understanding of a complex technical product and its intricacies.
  • Proficiency in articulating technical concepts and effectively conveying them to customers, experiencing satisfaction when clarity is achieved.
  • Solid proficiency in client-side JavaScript and practical experience working with APIs and server-side languages.
  • Fundamental understanding of SQL, with the ability to write queries proficiently, showcasing strong query-writing skills as a significant advantage..

An optional but good plus if candidates own below experience:

  • Martech experience ( DMPs, DSP, Emails, CDP, CDXP … )
  • Work experience in B2B SaaS in online retail/e-commerce analytics, marketing.
  • Work experience in engineering team in retail/commerce companies

Special Benefits:

  • Work directly with industry experts and market leaders in DX, CX, digital-data-tech as well as named customers.
  • Being a part of the awesome team building PrimeData CDP – the pioneering science-first customer data & experience platform.
  • Flexible, open and innovative environment.


Please send us your English CV via email: career@primedata.ai

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Về PrimeData

PrimeData is the leading consulting-platform-service company specializing in digital transformation (DX), customer experience (CX), personalized marketing and data science (DS) with our own PrimeData CDP – the pioneering science-first customer data & experience platform. 

PrimeData helps Vietnam and global businesses in omni-channel retail, e-commerce, D2C brands such as fashion, beauty, food, F&B, hospitality, real estate and multi-business groups to build the foundation of digital growth-retention and loyalty.


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