Roles & Responsibilities

  • Working with Data Engineers to conduct the whole data analytics workstream from EDA to build customized predictive modeling use-cases like segmentation, future lifetime customer value, churn prediction, cross-sell prediction…
  • Translating data insights into tangible business advice.
  • Extracting actionable insights from large customer datasets, and working with CSM team to propose strategic/tactical data activation use-cases. 
  • Presenting research results to clients.
  • Implementing customer analytics toolkits/training projects for internal CSM/PO team.

Job requirements:

  • B.Sc. Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, or related majors.
  • Solid experience in data analytics specializing in customer data use-cases for a B2C business model: retail, banking, fintech, services, F&B…
  • Experiences with supporting business stakeholders with their data-driven marketing/product/CX optimization projects are an advantage.